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Aside from the custom theme, this is what else you get for your buck:
You get full customer support. This includes an open back-and-forth communication before, during, and after you have purchased your theme to assure you are satisfied. I will also help resolve any issues you may have after you have purchased the theme, as well as any questions you may have (and no, there are no dumb questions.). So no more freaking out because the designer has already washed their hands of you now that you've paid. I take pride in my themes, and I want them to look as great as I designed them to, and I will help make sure of that once they are live on your site.

What else do you need to know?
All themes are responsive, and viewable on both mobile and tablet devices. This includes Coppermine themes as well.

If you need a theme quickly, then you might be disappointed. I do not rush the design process. Add in the fact I have a life outside of the internet, and therefore cannot predict how each of my days play out. How much time I get to dedicate to my orders varies. If something comes up that will delay your order, I will notify you as soon as I can.

Custom theme prices may increase depending on the time required, and other variables after I know the details of your order. This is a rare occurrence for my average fansite owners looking for a quality design, so don't worry. If and when this does happen you will be notified of such ahead of time.

Custom WP & CPG Theme Bundle Price: $25.00 USD

This package includes 2 custom themes for Wordpress and Coppermine.

Custom Wordpress Theme Price: $15.00 USD

This package includes 1 custom theme for Wordpress.

Custom Header Price: $2.50 USD

This package includes 1 custom header in any size you want featuring photos and text that you provide. Ideal for customizing base themes, Facebook and Twitter.

Custom Header Bundle Price: $10.00 USD

Much like the custom header package this package includes 5 custom headers in an affordable bundle.