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Custom Theme(s) Form

    Note: Please provide in as much detail as possible what sort of features you want your design to be built with. For example: a welcome message, latest photos or headlines. Specific widths or placement (IE: left or right) for either the content or sidebar areas. This also includes any additional content areas you would like to discuss being used. Whether it's possible to build them into the theme may vary and cost extra.

    Does NOT include: creating elite affiliate images, current project images, or a sidebar current projects template.

    Custom Header

    Note: If you prefer a textless header leave this box blank. If you want your website name, website tagline or welcome message included on the graphic please provide the details below.

    Note: Please include no less than two photos to be used on the design. If you can include a variety of choices even better. Any photos that do not meet the size and quality requirements may result in a lesser quality design.

    Please provide the links to the photo albums or individual photos you would like used. If you need to upload the photos try these hosts:
    dropbox.com | sendspace.com