Can I edit the colors or make changes to your premade themes?

Yes. As long as my credit remains intact inside both stylesheet and on the footer as the original creator, you can edit as much as you like.

I installed one of your Coppermine themes but the stylesheet and extra files aren’t loading.

This is an easy fix, and often one that is overlooked. Make sure the paths to the stylesheets are correct in the template.html

For instance, the path’s in my themes usually look like:

So, make sure you change Premade4 to the name of your theme folder.

The widgets on your WordPress themes aren’t working right!

All widgets should have a title, so make sure each widget has a title and be sure to save. That should solve the problem.

I activated your WordPress theme but the menu isn’t working right! Help!

My themes use the built-in navigation creator that WordPress now comes equipped with. It’s not hard, so don’t freak out. I won’t go into detail on how to use this feature, as it is quite easy as long as you read what each section is and so forth.

The key to making the menu work with the theme is to one, make sure it is named correctly. The menu should be named Main Menu.
Now go into your WordPress dashboard then to Appearances > Menus. Put the name of the menu where it says Menu Name, and begin adding what you want to show on your menu.

Now that you have filled out your menu you should scroll to the bottom of the page, and will see Theme Settings and under it, you should see Theme locations. It should show a check box with Main Menu as an option. Check it, and save. Your menu should work as it should now!

Your WordPress theme isn’t working right, the sidebar is all messed up. How do I fix this?

This is a very common issue, but quite easy to resolve. If your first widget is the website search box, then go into your widgets via your WordPress Admin Panel and edit that widget by adding a title to it. Then save. That should fix the issue.

Many of my earlier themes have this issue, however, I have resolved it on my newer themes.