Order: Premade Customization

By submitting your order below you agree to the following terms:

  • Customizations will be completed within a two week time-frame. If more time is needed due to a delay you will be informed.
  • This is NOT a custom theme order. Any customizations made to the premade of your choice will naturally make it more unique to your site but it will not be a custom design, nor will we change so many of its details to resemble such. All customizations will be within reason of keeping the original theme intact but with minor alterations that many webmasters don’t have the skill to change themselves.
  • This only applies to those who have already previously purchase said premade they wish to customize.

Before ordering if you have any questions at all please email us at admin@sin21.org and we will be happy to answer them.

Customization Form

    (Please link to the live preview)

    Please include the email you used when purchasing the premade you want customized and we will double check it with our purchase records via this site and our Sellfy page.

    If you bought a bundle and want any customizations (colors etc) changed on the matching Coppermine theme, then check yes below.


    Note: Please provide in as much detail as possible what it is you wish changed on the premade. For example: theme colors, welcome message, latest photos or headlines, removal of extra content (latest photos and welcome message), increasing or reducing content and sidebar widths and so forth.

    Custom Header (leave boxes blank if you do not want a custom header)

    Example: 1600x400 or 1600w 400h

    Note: If you prefer a textless header leave this box blank. If you want your website name, website tagline or welcome message included on the graphic please provide the details below.

    Note: Please include no less than two photos to be used on the design. If you can include a variety of choices even better. Any photos that do not meet the size and quality requirements may result in a lesser quality design.

    Please upload the photos via the hosts listed below and linking us to the albums or individual photo links:
    dropbox.com | imgbox.com | imgur.com | imagebam.com

    Check this box if you agree to the terms & conditions above.