Best designs around

Carol is honestly one of my favorite designers. Her layouts are always so clean, and so professional. On top of this, she's always so helpful if there's any confusion with a layout. Whether it's a premade or custom, Sin21 is my go-to source for layouts.
- Jessie

Affordable, Quality Designs

Carol designed two headers for me and I absolutely adore both of them. I had a response within a day of ordering and then received a preview shortly after. Although there was really nothing I wanted to change (the headers were beautiful) - Carol provides you with the opportunity to decide if you like the design and if there's anything that could be changed to your liking. I can't recommend her work enough-it's very affordable, great quality, and the service is awesome.
- Alexa

Serious Designer and great product

I have known her for quite a while and always trusted her with fresh, great and A+ design. One of a kind!
- Claudia

Wonderful designs!

Sin21 creates absolutely beautiful designs. I've only used premades at this point but they are fantastic!
- Xoxoxosteph

Beautiful designs

Sin21 has amazing designs and premades! I always look forward to purchasing a new one. The designs are professional, and perfect for any fansite.
- Jess

High Quality Gorgeous Designs!

Sin21 has so many gorgeous styles that you can choose from and they're all so beautifully crafted responsive themes! Very talented and I definitely recommend buying her themes! Very happy!
- Andreea

Affordable and beautiful

Sin21 is one of the best designers around. She offers professional and quality designs for an affordable price. It's my first to-go when looking for premades or custom designs.
- Luciana

Super designs!

One of the best designs ever! I always come back here to order a design for my site(s)
- Marijke


I have to say i have purchased several themes from sin 21 and always had a great experience. Any errors that would arise, i would just email the admin and they would reply with a fix. Sin 21 is my first stop when I'm thinking of purchasing new themes! They truly make it easy!
- Ashley

Gorgeous designs at such a great price!

Sin 21 is hands down one of my favorite design sites, ever. I get so excited every time I see that she has made a new premade that I can use for my sites. She puts so much hard work into her themes and it shows. I love love love the coding. It's always so beautiful and makes your site look so nice. I can't recommend sin21.org to enough people. She truly is one of the best!
- Frederick

Amazing designs and good prizes

I buy 99% of my themes from SIN21 - They are simply the best in the game.
- Joan

Clean, Professional, and Quality Themes

Carol is one of the three designers I buy themes from. Her themes are clean, professional, and quality. They are easy to customize, simply Find and Replace color hexcodes with your desired codes. Switching to her themes takes hardly any time at all. Her code is neat, her designs are clean and professional looking, and she offers a great range of premades for all sites. Highly recommended.
- Jay

Original and beautiful themes

I love Carol's designs. She's one of the designers that you can always trust to go the extra mile to add new and interesting attributes to her themes. Plus they're really easy to work with even if you're pretty limited in your HTML knowledge. My only complaint is when I can't decide which one to pick.
- AliKat

Beautifully Styled Themes

Great work! And affordable. I love the way everything is styled on Sin21's themes. It gives your site a professional look. I will be buying more themes. Thank you.
- Beth

Lovely Designs

Love the designs here. Always clean and sophisticated yet just perfect enough for fan sites. It used to be hard to get professional, sophisticated, and gorgeous WP designs for a quality price. Not anymore! Love them all.
- Mel