About Sin21 Designs

Sin21 Designs has been serving the online fansite community since 2005. Up until 2009, you would have found us designing under the name of “Dirrty Laundry Designs” which we later changed. Most aren’t aware of this fact, but Sin21 is actually combined effort of two designers and has been a joint project since the very beginning. The team is made up of Angela and Carol who are in-fact real life sisters in addition to design partners. As of late, most of their design production has come at the hands of Carol rather than both designers. But whether one designer is holding the reigns or both, they remain a team and often consult one another on ideas and more throughout the design process whether those be premades or various custom ventures.

Are you accepting custom theme orders?

You can check out if our orders are open on our Services & Prices page, but the truth is the amount of time varies when we’re accepting. Our time is very limited and thus most time dedicated to designing is applied to many of our premades we often feature in addition to our own personal designs. We do however offer a few things in light of the high demand for custom themes, which you can check out on our Services & Prices page.